The gig economy refers to workers abandoning traditional 9 to 5 employment in favour of working independently on a task-by-task basis for various employers.

Technology and digitalisation has enhanced connectivity and has complemented flexible working arrangements and therefore contracting in Australia.

Already, contracting has been an important part of many Australian organisation’s human resources strategy. The Gig Economy is here and trending upwards.

Robert Half concluded from their research, that global business leaders forecast a 66:34 split between permanent and temporary workers by 2023.

The survey results indicated, the main benefits of contract workers enjoyed by employers: more control over staffing costs (36%), support for long-term absences, such as parental leave, secondments or sick leave (34%), and better management of workload fluctuations (32%)

There is an increasing demand from professionals for autonomy and flexibility in profession roles and contracting is a great way to do satisfy this requirement. This is generally more true amoung millennials. Organisations who fail to provide flexibility in today’s labour market may find themselves missing out on engaging great talent.

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