Especially with the uncharted waters the economy is facing now, uncertainty is prominent and needs to be accounted for. In Australia, many organisations turn to fixed term contracts as part of their Human Resources strategy to deal with the drop in business confidence. But how does a professional come to mind of an organisation thinking this way?

1. Cold Calling – this strategy takes the most effort and least likely to get a result as it difficult to find the right person to speak to.

2. Network – this strategy could work very well depending on how well you have built your network. Building or contacting your network takes time and effort and relies on happenstance, but can really pay off if the stars are aligned.

3. Employment Agency – this strategy generally can get you the best results as recruiters are usually the first port of call to fill available fixed term contract roles and therefore will have a lot of different opportunities that may match your skill set. The work here is convincing the recruiter to put you forward by showing them you are likely to secure the role.

4. Jobs Board – this strategy requires some effort in setting up your profile correctly to stand out of the crowd. The better the profile the greater the likelihood you have of being approached to fill a contract role. Our services at IPRO, falls into this category and your listing and our support is all free.

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