Contracting work tends to deliver knowledgeable and skilled workers a huge range of advantages which makes being a Contractor an attractive option in comparison to full-time employment. Specifically contracting work provides improved professional satisfaction, higher pay rates and increased flexibility. For those who are considering Contracting work, there are many reasons as to why being a Contractor can serve as a step towards career success.

Financial Benefits of Contracting
Whenever a person opts for a career, usually their first and foremost concern are the financial benefits. For Contracting roles:

• Contractors are paid relatively higher rates mainly because of their skill set, flexible nature of the arrangement and short-term tenure of projects.
• Depending upon the individual skills of the Contractor, the state of the market within which the Contractor is operating and/or the location of the contract; a Contractor can negotiate very high pay rates.
• A Contractor can get paid for every hour worked which means that they have the opportunity to work overtime and be paid for it.

Contractors take on roles specific to their needs, making contracting jobs attractive for many. Specifically:

• Contractors have the freedom to work how they want to, where they want to and as long as they want to.
• Contractors are far more independent than permanent employees.
• Contractors can take as much or as little leave as they choose.
• Contractors can change contracts and roles regularly which is a lot simpler than changing jobs.
• Contractors can negotiate their working conditions, days and hours.
• Contracting roles provide the opportunity to develop one’s career in a direction which suits their personal circumstances at any given time.

Development of Skills
Contractors work in different roles with different companies, developing their skills and expanding their portfolio of experience.

• A Contractor has the opportunity to work within different industries and sectors widening their experience.
• Contractors are in a position to gain insight about the operations, structures, processes, culture, products and services of different organisations; increasing their knowledge and appeal to future employers.
• Experienced Contractors with a reputation for quality work can serve as industry experts making their services sought-after and eliminating the need to apply for new contracts.
• Working with different companies enables Contractors to establish a wide-ranging network and reference list.
• Contractors are exposed to different working styles in relation to peers, managers and subordinates, aiding development and expanding core skill sets.
• Contractors can control, facilitate and drive their skill development and training requirements to further their career.

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